How to easily develop your telepathy skills?

Here's a funny story, but a true one. In 1998, I went to London, to take a bizarre shamanic training. I was in a trance for five days and I experienced all kinds of bizarre phenomena, such as :

• without taking any drugs, the group of students and I had the same effects that LSD provides, that is, a vivid improvement in the quality of what we saw. For example, the colors were incredibly brighter and the visual contrasts were greatly increased;

• the ability to send energy to a person and that person, without looking back, knew exactly what emotions I had sent them;

• I felt an electric shock between my hand and a person's chest, even if my hand was about one foot from their body, etc.

But surely one of the most bizarre things was telepathy.

To make a long story short, I was sitting across from another student and for three minutes I had to take the same physiology as her.

Meaning I use my body in the same way she did.

She had to send me an mental image picture and I had to guess what is was.

Since it was a beginner's training, we had reduced the possibilities to three choices : a green triangle, a red circle or a yellow square.

Now, just from a statistical point of view, I had a one in three chance of finding the right shape.

But here's where it got interesting…

With a little practice, my success rate increased a lot.

What was even more fascinating was the distinctions I made.

It was as if I was finally reconnecting with a power or perception that had always been inside of me, but that I had left dormant for many years.

For example, I noticed that, depending on where I focused my attention, I could better perceive the mental image picture that she was sending me. For example, when I focused between her third eye and the base of her neck, I had a higher success rate.

The second step in the method was to not just think of geometric shapes, but rather of cartoon characters.

It was really funny to see for example that I could think of Asterix and that the person would say " I see angel wings and what seems to be red and black striped pants ".

Now, she did not look at me directly in the eyes and said " It is Asterix that you have in your head, Olivier” .

But there were more and more of these “coincidences” where parts of the image I was holding in my head seemed to appear clearly in the head of the other student.

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